Welcome to Stormbird Press

Defending nature and empowering communities through the power of story

Stories about our world, and our relationship with nature, have been told by people for thousands of years. It is how humanity shares our moral tales and passes wisdom to the future. 

Stormbird Press amplifies this wisdom by combining decades of global environmental conservation with professional publishing.

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Our Books

Around campfires and hearths, across tundras, or under the shadow of mountains, Stormbird’s books all whisper where we have been and where we are going.

Our Authors

The collective story for our times is being written by our brave, diverse, activist storytellers. Our authors passionately and honestly give voice to people’s reverence for nature.

"Literature has always helped create social change, and it still can. It's the responsibility of those of us who write to be there when people turn to literature for answers. When they come, all of our words need to count because if the words don't grab them, we'll lose them."

Rob Carney
"I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine."

Emily Dickenson
"The cousin of a crow is a raven; and the cousin of a raven is a myth; and the cousin of a myth is Story, changing form, no wave the same shape as another; and the cousin of a wave is a stingray; and the cousin of a stingray is a shark, its eyes as black as the eyes and feathers of a crow. "

Rob Carney

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About Stormbird Press

Our mission is to defend nature and empower communities through the power of story.

We live and breathe this mission, in every word, every hour, and every day.

Our Connection to the Environment Movement

Stormbird Press is deeply connected to the global environment movement. It’s where we come from and where our heart remains.

We know that if local communities are empowered, they can be guardians of their biological and cultural heritage and the wildlife they live with.

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