Donna Mulvenna

Donna is the author of eco-memoir, Wild Roots: Coming Alive in the French Amazon, written from her home in French Guiana where she worked from a platform high in the rainforest canopy.

A nature enthusiast, excerpts from her books, along with several other works, have been published in various newspapers, magazines and online publications. When not tending to her food forest, Donna can be found reading from her sea kayak or hurtling along one of the world’s wild rivers in a sprint canoe.

Donna is currently focused on a book with Margi PrideauxShock and Awe, to be released by Stormbird Press in early 2020. In the lead up to the book’s release she and Margi are posting a series of short essays to whet the appetite for some of the topics they explore in Shock and Awe.

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