Margi Prideaux

Margi Prideaux has written about wildlife, international politics, and law almost every day for the past thirty years. As an international negotiator and independent academic, with a PhD in wildlife policy and law, her words have been tuned to inform policy audiences in over twenty different international conservation processes. She has published three books: FIRE: A Message from the Edge of Climate Catastrophe, Birdsong After the Storm: Averting the Tragedy of Global Wildlife Loss, and Global Environmental Governance, Civil Society and Wildlife, and co-authored another two: Tales from the River: An Anthology of River Literature and All Things Breathe Alike: A Wildlife Anthology.

Her shorter musings have been published by Dark Mountain, openDemocracy, Global Policy, Live Encounters, AlterNet, Wildlife Articles and Ecologist.

Having lived and lost in Australia’s 2020 Black Summer fires, she now writes because she believes time has run out. ‘To save what we love, we must compress our attention and focus on the communities, wildlife and wildlands where we actually live — we must become radically local.’ She has joined the Planet Politics Institute and begun writing with a radically new direction.

FIRE is her first book in this new theme.

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