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All Things Breathe Alike


One wildlife anthology. Three passionate nature writers. Nine evocative stories.

Some believe the natural world is our real home. Could the eternal pull we feel toward the golden warmth of a rising sun, the tumbling waves of the ocean, or the soothing sound of birdsong, be nature’s way of calling us back?

There is a mystery to wildlife we are at a loss to explain, a complexity challenging to describe, and an experience impossible to convey. Jessica Groenendijk, Donna Mulvenna, and Margi Prideaux,  have been compelled to try, with a journey through some of the most scenic and rich wildlife habitats in the world. All Things Breathe Alike conveys in words the joy of what is not yet lost.


Title: All Things Breathe Alike
Author: Mulvenna, D., Groenendijk, J., & Prideaux, M
Published: 2018
ISBN: 9780648022527 (ebk)


Margi Prideaux

International negotiator, academic, and author about wildlife and wild places