Recruited - Lauren E Anderson - Stormbird Press - Book Cover



When Olivia Gesso skydives into a recruiting job with Kava Tech—a hip start-up where twenty-somethings binge drink, gamble, and code their way to luxury cars and fat bonuses—it’s almost hard to remember how she got there. No one would have expected an eco-warrior hellbent on saving the seeds of an extinct tree to find her way into this silicon jungle, serving as high-heeled bait for geeky coders. But student debt and desperation drive Olivia farther from her life-changing work on a remote Indian Ocean island than she ever thought possible. Now she’s lost in a fast-paced, high-stakes “Brotopia”, where hot recruiters make sure the country’s best techies get anything they want to sign on the dotted line. Still, Olivia risks it all—including her heart—to be a company star and get what she is after. But having gone from eco-warrior to dot-com fly girl, perhaps a little too easily, means dealing with some seriously irrational expectations. With the investors grabbing her “assets” and the star candidate holding out for more than just money, Olivia must decide how far she’ll go to bring an extinct tree back to life.


Title: Recruited
Author: Anderson, LA.
Published: 2021
ISBNs: 9781925856323 (pbk), 9781925856330 (ebk)
Page count: 362


Lauren E. Anderson

South Jersey-based eco-writer and editorial consultant