Climate Chaos: A real-world conversation

Change surrounds us now, every day.

Against the backdrop of growing climate chaos, Stormbird Commissioning Editor, Donna Mulvenna, will join us from inside the devastation zone of the climate-driven floods that have ravaged communities in Australia this year.

From a position of first-hand climate-driven fire and flood experience, we’ll open the mic to all our readers to talk about how communities respond and adapt to Earth’s rapidly changing climate, as well as who and what we can honestly rely upon.

Change is our new constant.

Join us for this in-conversation gathering, on Friday evening, June 24 (the Americas), Saturday morning, June 25 (Asia/Australasia).

June 24, ’22. 9.00pm (US Eastern Daylight)
June 24, ’22. 7.00pm (US Mountain Daylight)
June 24, ’22. 6.00pm (US Pacific Daylight)
June 25, ’22. 11.00am (Aust Eastern Standard)
June 25, ’22. 10.30am (Aust Central Standard)
June 25, ’22. 10.00am (Japan Standard)

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