Cultivating Resilience

Resilience is a word thrown around a lot, it seems. Government loves using it. The IPCC has referenced it. Social scientists warn we should cultivate it. Whole programmes have grown around ‘building’ it. We are collectively being urged to be emotionally, physically, and financially resilient to whatever the word throws our way. Once this could have been excused as a wellbeing slogan—that building resilience would equate to ‘inner peace’. But, in truth, this call for resilience is being pushed out there without the town criers really understanding the baseline.

What exactly are we needing to be resilient about?

Over the past two years of fire storms and rain bombs, our small Stormbird team has certainly experienced, first-hand, the need to cultivate each of these three forms of resilience. We now understand there is a baseline for survival. And, we have learned that at the coalface of climate chaos there is a fourth, perhaps even more crucial, form of resilience that is rarely spoken of—community resilience. This form of resilience is vital to surviving the times ahead, yet in a world that urges us into a big system on the promise of safe food and water, shelter, and welfare, community resilience is easily overlooked and rarely spoken about by the political class.

Connecting with people is important. People you trust. People who understand and don’t belittle your thoughts. There is an energy and strength that builds when people gather to talk, or share, or discuss.

On a day-to-day basis our team are dedicating our efforts to building the physical community resilience of the area surrounding where we each live. But we have also tuned Stormbird Press to build community resilience online.

Coming Soon: The Gathering

In the coming weeks we’ll launch The Gathering—a new, bespoke, safe, online platform where readers from across the world can gather to discuss the environmental themes of our times. We like to think of it like gathering around the campfire to share stories and ideas. Because we know, community is where survival thrives.

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