The Gathering

Come join our circle by the fireside. We’ve just launched The Gathering!

It is Stormbird’s answer to what our readers instructed us to develop: a safe, online space for brave readers and bold thinkers from across the world to come together to explore the environmental and nature-focused issues and themes of our troubled times.

We are reconnecting our community to the ancient practice of sitting around campfires to discuss important and meaningful subjects. The Gathering is an online space where authors, readers, and experts come together to have conversations that empower social change. 

We’ve scheduled some opening events.

April 15/16: Rob Carney, Whisper or Roar

Our first get-together will feature the amazing author of Accidental Gardens, Rob Carney, and it will mull around the question of do we listen better to a whisper or a roar.

May 6/7: Donna Mulvenna, Climate Chaos

The second get-together will be with Stormbird’s Commissioning Editor, Donna Mulvenna, and will be the first in our perpetual discussion space about climate chaos adaptation. Against the backdrop of climate chaos around the world, Donna will join us from inside the devastation zone of the climate-driven floods that have ravaged communities in Australia this year.

May 20/21: John Grant, Spinifex and wildlife crime

The third get-together will be with Spinifex author, John Grant, about the theme of this newly released book—wildlife crime. For this fascinating discussion about the underbelly of this terrible world we’ll be joined by someone who fights this crime in the real world, too.

Are you a changemaker? We hope so.


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