Turning a corner

After the climate-change-driven Black Summer wildfires destroyed our office we asked our 3000 strong Stormbird Community whether we should rebuild and how we could evolve to meet your needs. We asked, did you still want books? Did you need stories that develop deeper, stronger connections to the natural world?

En masse, you told us you longed for more brave, memorable and honest books but also wanted direct access to our authors and experts. You also asked for options to explore diverse themes away from social media platforms revealing what we’ve known for some time: that readers and thinkers can feel threatened and constrained by discussion through traditional social media channels, finding the dominant platforms toxic and divisive, and discussions in these spaces prone to trolling.

We listened to you, and from the ashes we are excited to reveal our plans to launch our new platform, The Gathering.

As 2022 unfolds, we are reconnecting our community to the ancient practice of sitting around campfires to engage with elder wisdom by delivering unique, deeply curated content about the themes within each of our forthcoming books. 

By following the principles of ‘open space’ participation, The Gathering will be an online space where authors, readers, and experts come together to have conversations that empower social change. 

We feel we’ve turned a corner and are now keen to reach out to the Stormbird Community. Are you a changemaker? We hope so. Soon we’ll invite you to join us by the fireside in The Gathering.


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