Terms and Conditions, and Publishing Policy

Terms and Conditions

Transactions with the Stormbird Press website, require a contact email address and password. You are responsible for all sessions and transactions taken under these details. You should keep your password safe and not disclose it to anyone. You should change it immediately if you feel it has been compromised.

All orders placed using your account, including providing Stormbird Press with an up-to-date billing and shipping address when placing an order, are your responsibility. You may choose to store your billing and shipping addresses with our payment card provider for your own convenience.

We will endeavour to keep your details secure and safe. At not time will your details be shared with any third party, with the exception of payment card provided and only for the purpose of the transaction.

Our shopping cart will autofill the opt-in to receive our Stormbird Community newsletter. You are under no obligation to opt-in, and can uncheck that option at your discretion. Your opt-in or opt-out status will have no bearing on your purchase or our delivery service.

Purchased eBooks can be used on any of your devices, but cannot be uploaded to any website or file-sharing network. If you purchase an eBook you will be directed, by a link to a web service we use to allow you to download the format of your choice.

Any applicable Australian taxes and regionally specific shipping costs will be displayed during checkout, before you approve payment.

Please notify us of any problems within 30 days of receipt of your books, and we will make good, replace, or refund your order.

Publishing Policy

As an imprint of Wild Migration, Stormbird Press only publishes fiction and nonfiction with an environmental theme (eco-literature). Our titles all communicate reverence for wildlife, nature, and Earth. We will not accept any titles that do not meet this criteria.

Authors submitting work to Stormbird Press do so on the understanding if it is discovered that basic principles of appropriate authorship have not been adhered to (ie serious errors within the work, defamatory statements, incorrect reference material, misleading information etc), action will be taken following the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines and may result in one of the following Correction notices being attached to the work.

Erratum: This generally refers to a production error, which has been introduced during the publication process. If an erratum is issued, it will appear in all future printed copies of the title.

Corrigendum: This generally refers to an author error or oversight, prior to the title publication. If a corrigendum is issued, it will appear in all future printed copies of the title.

Retraction notice: A retraction notice will be issued in serious cases of ethical misconduct (defamatory statements, incorrect reference material, misleading information etc) or where the title is seriously flawed or misleading. Stormbird Press follows the COPE guidelines for retracting work. The author(s) will be encouraged to assist in the investigation. If a title is withdrawn and a retraction is published, the notice will officially replace the original publication on the website for the period of one year. Indexing and abstracting services will be formally notified.

Expression of concern: In cases where a conclusion is unclear or where we are unable to make a fair decision due to conflicts of interest or lack of information, we will publish an expression of concern associated with the title. An expression of concern will appear on the Stormbird Press website. For legal reasons or when a title or chapter forms evidence in an independent hearing Stormbird Press may not be able to take action until all matters have been fully resolved. Stormbird Press reserves the right to not proceed with a case if the complainant presents a false name or affiliation or acts in an inappropriate or threatening manner towards Stormbird Press editors and staff.


Plagiarism is the unattributed appropriation of someone else’s published work as an author’s own, or more commonly, the re-use of chunks of text from published work by the same author(s) (self-plagiarism). Stormbird Press requires that all submitted manuscripts are original and all authors agree to these terms upon contract acceptance. It is only acceptable for work to be repeated if it leads to different or new conclusions or for comparisons with new information. In all cases, it is important to reference the previously published work. If any element of the work has been published previously, authors must ensure that this work is fully referenced and state it at the point of submission so that the Editor may make a fully-informed decision.


If inaccurate, unsubstantiated or emotive statements are made about real organizations or real people in a submitted manuscript, Stormbird Press reserves the right to request changes to the text from the author or to reject the title prior to publication. Critiques and reviews of products and services are acceptable but comments must be constructive and must not be made maliciously. If statements have been made in a work that is published by Stormbird Press and they are found to be defamatory, the title will be withdrawn and a retraction notice will be published.

Complaints and Enquiries

If you have any queries or complaints about our Terms and Conditions or our Publishing Policy please contact us at:

Stormbird Press
Wild Migration Ltd
PO Box 73, Parndana, 5220, South Australia
+61 8 8121 5841