The Gathering

Stormbird Press books unlock our imagination and allow us to explore the world through another’s eyes. This powerful and profound characteristic of the human brain has enabled us to pass wisdom between generations and to explore complex ideas across time.

Our world is now a fraught place. Nature is under attack from every angle. Many of the precious wild places of the world are disappearing within single lifetimes. Never has some much destructive change happened by human hands.

At the same time, we are ever more connected across oceans and hemispheres, yet the human quest for power and wealth has corrupted this too. Many online communities have become toxic threatening places.

We’ve created The Gathering where like-minded change-makers—readers, writers, and thinkers alike—can meet and discuss the theme of all our books. Here, brave authors, bold thinkers and discerning readers from around the world create conversation that empowers social change.

Are you a changemaker?  We hope so.

What is ‘open space’ participation?

‘Open Space’ is a technique for running meetings where the participants create and manage the direction of the discussion themselves. To help this move smoothly, we’ll canvas for questions and directions under a broad theme ahead of each get-together. Once The Gathering discussion starts our job will be to step back and merely facilitate the smooth discussion directed by the group. If you want to explore why elephant poaching still happens, that’s what we’ll facilitate. If you want to ask questions about community building, we’ll facilitate that too. This is your fireside. Your discussion. Your empowerment.